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20171108 喬治市世遺機構總經理洪敏芝博士文告
The Historic City of George Town is suited on the north-eastern cape of Penang Island. From the heart of the colonial quarter with the city’s first administrative buildings, the original states laid out by the colonial administrators branch out into the city - a city spectacularly filled with godowns and the trading posts of the earliest merchant settlers.

It is imperative that we monitor all activities and changes to key heritage elements within the historic city of George Town. We manage and regulate the World Heritage Site in accordance with the conditions agreed on with UNESCO; and monitor, prepare and submit operational and activity reports to the federal and State Authorities.

It’s a team effort! GTWHI works with many partners, from layman to councilman. We regularly work with the Department of National Heritage, the local Municipal Council and agencies, as well as the local community, and hope to establish a strong network with other World Heritage Sites around the world.

We strongly believe in the preservation of our historical knowledge. Without documented history, George Town will remain flat with fewer and fewer people peering in to experienced the rich history behind its walls. GTWHI therefore encourages research and conducts skills training for individuals who are interested in heritage issues.

Reaching out to the public is one of our top priority. With all the challenges and issues surrounding the fate of George Town, we cannot do it alone!