A sketch is an artist’s way of telling a story through the dance of the lines and strokes. It is the artist’s unique interpretation of an experience, a place, or a person.


This October, GTWHI invites you to our office building to witness an artist’s interpretation of his experience in George Town, told through the perspective of a cartoon character by the name of Joe G. The art exhibition, “Tanjong Life”, consists of 21 selected sketches of Joe G’s journey around the historic city of George Town, with a centrepiece exclusively created by the artist for this exhibition.


Professionally known under the moniker of ME, Mohd Azmi bin Mohd Hussin is a home-grown and self-taught caricaturist from Butterworth. Citing Dato’ Lat as his idol, he aspires to capture the true essence of Penang through his artistic expression. Coupled with his local knowledge, he creates unique art pieces to tell stories of his own.


The artist’s sketchbook titled “TANJONG LIFE by ME” will also be available for purchase at the exhibition at RM39.00 per copy. As an exclusive token of appreciation by the artist, every “TANJONG LIFE by ME” purchased here comes with a free caricature by the artist himself! The artist will be present in GTWHI every Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm throughout the period of the exhibition.


We welcome you to visit the exhibition (Monday to Thursday, 8.30am-1pm, 2pm-5.30pm; Friday, 8.30am-12.15pm, 2.45pm-5.30pm). You will then see George Town through different lens!



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