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It is imperative that we monitor all activities and changes to key heritage elements within the historic city of George Town.

We manage and regulate the World Heritage Site in accordance with the conditions agreed on with UNESCO; and monitor, prepare and submit operational and activity reports to the federal and State Authorities. Under our monitoring and planning work, we provide advice to heritage building owners on appropriate restoration methods and designs, and ensure that all future developments are in line with our guidelines and international standards.

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The Historic City of George Town is suited on the north-eastern cape of Penang Island.

From the heart of the colonial quarter with the city’s first administrative buildings, the original states laid out by the colonial administrators branch out into the city - a city spectacularly filled with godowns and the trading posts of the earliest merchant settlers, banks and shop houses, clan homes and communal clusters, and the iconic houses of worship representing the respective faiths of the many different settlers that came to call George Town home. The George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site is divided into two sections, the Core Area and Buffer Zone.


The Core Area covers and area of 109.38 hectares, and contains more than 1,700 buildings. It is bounded by a coastline along the north and east, and by Love Lane to the north-west and Gat Lebuh Melayu, Lorong Carnarvon and Lebuh Carnarvon to the south-west corner.


The Core Area is protected by 150.04 hectare of Buffer Zone bounded by the sea, Jalan Transfer on the west and Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong and gat Jalan Prangin on the south-west.



It’s a team effort! GTWHI works with many partners, from layman to councilman.

We regularly work with the Department of National Heritage, the local Municipal Council and agencies, as well as the local community, and hope to establish a strong network with other World Heritage Sites around the world.

GTWHI is constantly engaging and reaching out to the public, stakeholders, government agencies, professional bodies, non-governmental organisations, and relevant parties for better planning, conserving, developing, and monitoring of the George Town World Heritage Site.


We strongly believe in the preservation of our historical knowledge.

Without documented history, George Town will remain flat with fewer and fewer people peering in to experienced the rich history behind its walls. GTWHI therefore encourages research and conducts skills training for individuals who are interested in heritage issues.

Out Education and Outreach programmes aim to educate and create awareness among the youth, adults and relevant parties on conservation and preservation of the World Heritage site. By using a multi-faceted approach to education (e.g. talks, site visits, workshops, living heritage experiences), we hope to raise awareness about the OUVs and inspire others to value George Town the way we do. We are also actively building out Resource Centre as a repository of archival documents, and library of the heritage and history of George Town.

Activity Highlights
Activity Highlights
GTWHI hosted a group of students and teachers from Pusat Sumber, Kolej Vokasional Alor Setar on 26 September 2014. After the presentation on GWTHI and the city's Outstanding Universal Values (OUVs), they were also briefed on operations and material contents of our Resource Centre. The group subsequently visited Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh and Khoo Kongsi.

GTWHI Community Resource Development Officer, Mr. Lim Chung Wei conducted a presentation on GTWHI and the city’s Outstanding Universal Values (OUVs).


Students from Pusat Sumber, Kolej Vokasional Alor Setar were briefed on operations and material contents of our Resource Centre.

The group took a group photo at Khoo Kongsi.

GTWHI was glad to host a group of 5 Masters of Architecture students, and 2 Studio Instructors from Taylor’s University on 3 October 2014. We briefed them on the shophouse architectural styles in George Town World Heritage Site, as well as heritage conservation practices.

GTWHI Built Environment & Monitoring Research Officer, En. Muhammad Hijas Sahari briefed the students and instructors of Taylor’s University on the shophouse architectural styles in George Town World Heritage Site.

Officers from Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) visited the GTWHI Interpretative Centre on 28 October 2014. They were amazed by the intricacy and details of the George Town World Heritage Site model.

A group photo of officers from Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) was taken in the interpretative centre of GTWHI.

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Activity Highlights
Activity Highlights
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Reaching out to the public is one of our top priority. With all the challenges and issues surrounding the fate of George Town, we cannot do it alone!

By rebranding and rejuvenating our public awareness material, we hope that the importance of conservation can touch the hearts of our grassroot advocates as well as the international audience. One such vehicle is through the many festivals taking place in George Town. We can use creative and innovative ways to highlight and infuse events with heritage tincture. By working together with arts, heritage and tourism bodies, we can ensure the success of our efforts to promote the George Town World Heritage Sites a gateway to the Historic Cities of the Straits of Malacca!