GTWHI Study Visit to Taiwan

Call for all building owners, business operators and heritage practitioners to participate!

Dates / 日期      : Thursday, 12 – Friday, 20 December 2013
Language/ 语言: Mandarin / 华语

GTWHI will be organising a study visit to Taiwan on 12 - 20 December 2013. The visit aims to learn from the sharing of practice, planning and management of heritage projects in Taiwan, specifically in the area of cultural heritage preservation, interpretation and adaptive re-use of heritage buildings.

The study trip will include visits to various significant heritage sites/places, and meetings with government agencies, heritage practitioners and NGOs in both Taipei and Tainan City.

We would like to extend an invitation to all building owners, business operators and heritage practitioners to grab this opportunity and join us to learn from the Taiwanese cultural heritage movement.gtwhi study visit taiwan
Tainan Heritage Site: Anping Fort 台南古迹:安平古堡
The programme schedule and cost can be viewed here. To join us for the visit, please fill up the form here and return it by email to . Space is limited to 20 people and on a first come, first served basis. Closing date of registration is 30 September 2013. For enquiries, please contact Mr. Chong Yi Liang at (04) 2616606.


本机构邀请所有古迹建筑物业主,经营者以及古迹从业者参与这次的考察活动。节目时间表 (暂定) 可以在这里获取。有兴趣者可以在这里填写表格,并返回给 。人数只限20人, 先到先得。 截止日期为9月30日2013年。如有任何查询, 请联络乔治市世遗机构张义良先生, 电话 (04) 2616606。