Eat Rite: Ritual Foods of George Town

Eat Rite: Ritual Foods of George Town


Paperback | 167 pages | English

Publisher: George Town World Heritage Incorporated

Year Published: 2017 (First Edition)

Eat Rite: The Recipe Book is the first publication of its kind that brings together all the traditional recipes made by the people of George Town to commemorate the many festivals and special events celebrated by this vibrant, multicultural community throughout the year.

More than just a book of recipes, this book is also a timeless documentation of George Town’s intangible cultural heritage that encapsulates a legacy of precious moments shared around the dining table, the communion of culture and beliefs, and the secret family recipes handed down from one generation to the next.

Created with the home cook in mind, the book is packed with no-nonsense instructions, photos and illustrations to help you create each dish with confidence. It’s like helping out in the kitchen with mom, listening to her wisdom and stories, and holding your hand as she teaches you the steps and personal touches to make her special recipe.

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