Cherita Lebuh Chulia
By Kuah Li Feng / 柯俐芬
Date            : Saturday, 3 May 2014 
Time            : 2.00pm-3.30pm
Venue         : George Town World Heritage Inc.
                       116 & 118, Lebuh Acheh

Language  : Mandarin
cherita lebuh chulia pic01
Trams plying at snail's pace along the street
Coolies camping along the five-foot way
Children playing kites in empty compounds
Foreign sailors partying at Hong Kong Bar
Mainland customers buying duty-free pulikat in bulk
Men smoking opium in wooden huts
These activities on Chulia Street from the 1940s up until 1970 are etched in the minds of many long-time residents of the street. A location only becomes a place when a memory is attached to it. Chulia Street to visitors today may be just like any other tourist area of backpackers' inns, convenience stores and bus stops. But to people who have lived or worked here for decades, the street is home; some being families of four generations. It is where family businesses took root, where fame and fortune was found and also where bitter memories took place.

The talk will present memories and stories depicted in the “Cherita Lebuh Chulia” illustrated storybook. “Cherita Lebuh Chulia” is a pilot community oral history project undertaken by GTWHI in 2013, with the objective to document, preserve and present local history narratives.


这是1945至1970年的牛干冬景象,它至今深植老街坊脑海中。一个地方之所以成为一个所在,是因为它蕴含了记忆。对游客来说,今天的牛干冬不过是个散布背包客栈、便利店和车站的平常旅游区。但,对世代在此居住和工作的街坊来说,牛干冬是他们四代人的家。这里同时还是家族事业的源头,名成利就的发迹,伤痛记忆的角落 。

主讲人将分享“走近牛干冬”故事集里的回忆和故事。“走近牛干冬”是世遗机构于2013年推行的首个地方口述历史计划 ,宗旨为记录、保存并推广地方历史叙述。

About the speaker/ 主讲人背景:

cherita lebuh chulia pic02Kuah Li Feng is a cultural practitioner. Her work focuses in the area of documentation, interpretation and presentation of local history and culture. She is appointed by GTWHI as oral history project coordinator, with a long term aim to build an oral history collection for the institution. She is also a committee member of Arts-ED, a non-profit organisation which specialises in innovative community-based arts and culture education for young people and adult communities.

柯俐芬,文化工作者。主要工作范围为记录、诠释和呈现本土历史及文化。她现受聘为世遗机构口述;历史计划,她长期目标是为该机构建立一个口述历史汇集。她也是槟城艺术教育协会(Arts-ED)的委员。Arts-Ed 是一个非盈利组织,专注于推广创新的社区艺术及文化教育给年轻及成年人。

** “Talking Books” is held as a related event to GTWHI Resource Centre’s “Books of the Month” programme. The “Books of the Month” programme aims to introduce heritage related books to readers, with associated talks and eventsto highlight the varied heritage elements of George Town World Heritage Site. GTWHI’s Resource Centre is available for public use, for both casual reading as well as research purposes, and is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

“Talking Books” talks are free and all are welcomed, but do let us know if you’re coming in order for us to have enough snacks and coffee. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact our staff at 04 - 261 6606.

SPACE IS LIMITED to 50 people. Registration is required and on first come, first served basis. Please note that latecomers may be turned away.


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