Description of the Logo

The timber louvre (shutter with horizontal slats) is a feature common to the shophouses in George Town, Penang. It represents dual-functionality of keeping the inner space private from prying eyes without compromising the flow of light and air into the house.

With the louvre being opened out, it comes to symbolize the digit of 10 – which relates to the 10th Anniversary Celebration of George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site. The louvre on the left side of the symbol represents 1 while the window frame on the right represents 0. The 1 with its touchable surface of the louvre signifies the tangible cultural heritage of the site, and the 0 with its elusive epicenter allowing glimpse into the space within represents the intangible cultural heritage of George Town. Both the tangible and intangible components of our heritage are intertwined with one another, akin to the louvre and the window frame. The louvre also acts as an ingress and shield to protect the inhabitants within – therefore signifying the functional role of our tangible heritage in safeguarding the intangible counterpart.

The idea of a window being chosen as a symbol for the 10th Anniversary Celebration of George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site is also aligned to the theme and trajectory of this year – POTENTIAL. A window is defined as an opening on a façade or building to allow the people inside to view the outside and vice versa. This notion of connecting the inner and the outer reverberates with the importance of a World Heritage Site; that is to showcase the heritage left behind by our forebears to the people beyond our borders, as well as to encourage citizens of the world to appreciate traditions and remnants of mankind from the past.

The notion of ‘opening a window’ as can be seen from the logo also indicates the need to reach out and engage outward with immediate, national and international communities for insights and supports that will help the growth of the World Heritage Site. Heritage is not a static subject so it is important for it to keep growing while being safeguarded sustainably.

Essentially, a window is a portal or entry connecting the inner (private) and outer (communal) space. By opening that entry, it signifies our inspiration to become a World Heritage Site that belongs not only to the people of Penang and Malaysia, but mankind as a whole.