Video Documentation Project

The Video Documentation Project: The Artisans and Practitioners of George Town, which commenced in 2015, is one of GTWHI’s efforts to comprehensively document and record the committed guardians of our invaluable intangible cultural heritage – the artisans and practitioners of heritage trades in George Town.

These unsung heroes and heroines whose passion and lifelong dedication to their professions have been serving both the local communities and international sojourners since the 1920s.

While demands for their services may have dwindled over time, their continued practice and perfection of their craft have greatly contributed to the enhancement and safeguarding of George Town’s rich intangible cultural heritage.

Featuring 14 heritage trades, the video documentaries record the vibrant history, daily life, working methods and the working environment of 30 artisans and practitioners in George Town.

Come and join us on 1 April 2018 at the Majestic Theatre for the premiere screening of these video documentaries and immerse in the fascinating stories of our heroes and heroines of George Town. Entrance is free.