Penang The Fourth Presidency of India Vol. 2: Fire, Spice and Edifice

Drawing on unrivalled access to original correspondence, reports, newspapers and contemporary accounts, Penang: The Fourth Presidency of India presents an in-depth and compelling narrative of a fascinating story.

The second of a four-volume series, the focus here is the development of major structures and institutions: Fort Cornwallis, St George's Church, the Penang Free School, the Public Library and the Spice and Botanic Gardens, and the forces of nature which conspired to thwart the settlement: fire and erosion of the seafront.

Beautifully illustrated with paintings, sketches, engravings and maps - many previously unpublished - this and the accompanying volumes will be the authoritative reference for historians and general readers for generations to come.

This book is available at GTWHI (RRP: RM150.00) and selected bookshops in Penang. It is written in English.