Speaker Biography

Dr. LIU Tik-sang is an Associate Professor in the Division of Humanities and Director of the South China Research Center at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is a cultural anthropologist with research interest in kinship, popular religion, food and globalization, cultural heritage, cultures and societies in South China and Hong Kong. His research team conducted Hong Kong's first "Territory-wide Survey of the Intangible Cultural Heritage." His publications include: "Tradition, Identity and Resources: The Making of Hong Kong’s Intangible Cultural Heritage" (傳統、認同與資源:香港非物質文化遺產的創造)(2014); "Identity in Performance: Tianhou Worship Activities in the Conservation of Hong Kong's Intangible Cultural Heritage" (展演中的認同:香港非物質文化遺產保育中的天后崇拜活動) (2014); Intangible Cultural Heritage and Local Communities in East Asia (2011); "Turning Fengshui into Heritage: A Case Study of Constructing 'Heritage Discourse' in Hong Kong's New Territories" (把風水變成文物:在香港新界建構「文物話語」之個案研究) (2007); The Cult of Tian Hou (Empress of Heaven) in Hong Kong (香港天后崇拜) (2000).


The Making of a National Intangible Cultural Heritage Item in Hong Kong: Tai O Dragon Boat Water Parade.