We strongly believe in the preservation of our historical knowledge. Without documented history, George Town will remain flat with fewer and fewer people peering in to experienced the rich history behind its walls. GTWHI therefore encourages research and conducts skills training for individuals who are interested in heritage issues.

Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Historic City of George Town

This inventory project serves to identify and document the traditional trades, craftspeople and cultural practitioners in the Historic City of George Town. The Directory of Traditional Trades and Occupations can be downloaded below. In addition, you can also view a video about the project, and download the case studies of the 20 practitioners who were selected for future documentation.

Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage(Malay)

Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage(English)

Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage(Chinese)



It’s a team effort! GTWHI works with many partners, from layman to councilman. We regularly work with the Department of National Heritage, the local Municipal Council and agencies, as well as the local community, and hope to establish a strong network with other World Heritage Sites around the world.