A key thrust of the heritage management work performed by GTWHI is in education outreach to our stakeholders. Core to this would be the research and documentation of elements relating to heritage issues in the state. This is especially crucial, specifically for subjects which were previously undocumented, or for areas which are undergoing great change. Creation of record, collated from varied sources, and published for general use, establishes a depository of information which will provide a snap-shot of contemporary view, as well as a springboard for future studies to launch.

In making such information accessible to the general public, and in our celebration of the unique splendor of the George Town World Heritage Site, GTWHI has produced a number of books highlighting our various heritage elements. Through such publications, we hope to increase awareness for the importance of heritage conservation. Furthermore, we are optimistic that through these books, lovers of our heritage will gain greater insight into the city, and fall further in love with George Town.





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