Unique cultural diversity, spanning more than two centuries of settlement, has left recognizable imprints throughout George Town World Heritage Site. They are reflected in its citizenry, its food, its festivals and trades, and its intriguing assortment of architectural styles.

But who left these imprints and what are their stories?

Delving into the historical past of 75 prominent commercial and civic sites, this book reveals the stories of the individuals, families, corporations and institutions involved. Some have since passed into history; others have grown in strength and are still making history today.

These stories, accompanied by over 280 illustrations, will transport you back through the layers of time, providing a rare insight into the growth of commerce and advancement of civic life in this fledgling, and then thriving, city.

This book is available at GTWHI (specially priced at RM90) and fine bookshops in Penang. It is written in English.




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