Little India remains a most colourful and dynamic enclave amongst the enchanting street networks and precints in the George Town World Heritage Site.

It sustains cultural features unchanged from the past that coexist in harmony with newer, modern elements permeating this neighbourhood which is located in the north-eastern cape on Penang Island.

Lavishly illustrated with over 230 specially commissioned photographs and never-before-published historical images, Little India of George Town presents a pictorial record of contemporary life in the area and its evolution through the last two centuries.

The book also offers interesting and little-known facts about various aspects related to the richly concentrated inner-city area, including glimpses into its history, communities, trades, landmarks, festivals, streetscape and architecture.

Take a journey into the nooks and crannies of Little India, unearth its existing riches and discover for yourself why it is cherished as one of the most remarkable cultural enclaves in Malaysia.

This book is available at GTWHI (specially priced at RM90) and fine bookshops in Penang. It is written in English.



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