Memori di George Town

Memori di George Town


Paperback | 168 pages | Bahasa Melayu

Publisher: George Town World Heritage Incorporated

Year Published: 2015

Every person in George Town has a story of their own to tell, and Memori di George Town is a collection of those many stories that relate to this historic city.

A tale of friendship with the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee, a memory of service with the Penang Port, an account of life under the Japanese occupation, a story of origin for the popular mi sotong, a chronicle of a second-hand book seller in Chowrasta Market, and a recount of one’s self-discovery in George Town.

An anthology of 29 stories told by people from all walks of life, this book is set to draw chuckles, smiles, or even tears from readers who share the same nostalgic recollection of memories in George Town. Even if you cannot relate to those memories, you will be enthralled by the words of those who have seen the many facets of George Town.

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