Penang Shophouses

Penang Shophouses


Paperback | 93 pages | English

Publisher: Tan Yeow Wooi Culture and Heritage Research Studio

Year Published: 2015

Penang’s architectural heritage is one of the finest in Southeast Asia. Perhaps the most characteristic building form is the shophouse whose design style has evolved over nearly two hundred years, picking up the influences from many different cultures. With a growing awareness of the significance of the built environment – stimulated by George Town’s inscription by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2008 – there is greater interest than ever in understanding the construction and conservation of these shophouses. Drawing on many years of research and practical experience as a heritage architect, Tan Yeow Wooi has produced and up-to-date, fully illustrated and comprehensive handbook that catalogues and represents the vast array of features and materials used in these outstanding buildings. Whether you are interested in interior design, whether you are preserving a shophouse, or whether you are simply exploring architectural history, Penang Shophouses is the state-of-the-art resource, invaluable for professionals and the general public alike.

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