George Town Festival


George Town Festival is an internationally renowned annual event, which operates under the George Town World Heritage Incorporated umbrella since it was first organised in 2010. Celebrating George Town’s inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its Outstanding Universal Value, the Festival showcases the richness and diversity of arts, culture and heritage through world-class performances and installations with collaborations from international and local artists.

The planning for the Festival in 2010 aimed to actively engage the people living in the World Heritage Site, and for the event to be a catalyst in creating a sustainable and liveable city. It also hoped to improve the quality of life for the people who live here, to enable the residents to feel more connected to the city, and would therefore want to be involved and own the programme.

George Town Festival is a platform that encourages development of the arts, while rejuvenating both used and unused spaces in the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site. It gained strong brand recognition over the years, with extensive international media coverage and accolades. Local and international visitors would come to George Town to experience the Festival featuring programmes on art, culture, music, theatre, dance, opera and film.

The year 2019 is the 10th edition for the Festival, with the collaboration of artists, local businesses and communities in a collective celebration of arts, culture and heritage. While promoting the arts and our multicultural heritage at an international level, the Festival aims to advance the format of arts and heritage education and instil an appreciation for the role of arts and heritage in George Town. At least 70% of the events will be free-to-attend for the public, and featuring a minimum of 40% of local programmes and artists.

George Town Festival 2021 will be held from 10 – 18 July 2021, with TLM Event Sdn Bhd as the awarded contractor to plan, manage and grow the Festival. For more information, visit